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Enhancing Inner Bliss

Greetings love, I am a dedicated intimacy and ecstasy coach located in San Diego. I have immersed myself in the art of erotic energy healing and have been initiated as a shamanic healer, witnessing the sacredness created by this synergy impact my well-being, self-acceptance and freedom to live in authenticity. Guided by experienced mentors and life-force energy itself, I now strive to empower others in their healing journey towards inner tranquility and harmony on Earth.

What does it feel like to truly love yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Are you ready to get that Kundalini rising?

Gratitude and Compassion for ALL of it

"My Story"

I see you. I hear you, and you are worthy of love.

I know this as I see me in you.

Shamanism brought me back to God, the life force energy within us all, when I refused to even say, 'bless you' throughout most of my adulthood.

Ancient technologies of fire and ice, breath and movement, and silence and sweat brought me back to feeling my body, after decades of pain with unknowing hip dysplasia, arthritis and inflamed gut. 

Freedom in Eros and awareness of my inner beloved brought me back to knowing everything is universally connected, every single moment is sacred, and we are here to create beauty, after lifetimes of rejection and shackles.

What's "your story?"

hot air balloon

Inspiration from Suzanne Evans

"The way we do anything, is the way we do everything."


Holistic Approach

Discover a unique approach to meditation services and sessions. Delve into the essence of offerings and the transformative benefits life-force energy brings. Let's showcase the unparalleled advantages awaiting you combining modalities of shamanic healing, temple culture and dungeon lifestyle.

Personalized Guidance

Unveil the personalized touch in shamanic and tantric guidance. Experience the tailored support that caters to your individual needs, ensuring a profound and meaningful journey towards self-discovery and intimacy with inner ecstasy in each session and then on.

Passion and Purpose

Explore commitment to the awareness of abundance and the bliss of excellence that is always surrounding us. Embrace the assurance of timely services and your personalized journey with individual or group sessions. Connect transformation with aliveness being as subtle or strong as willing.  Witness the dedication to your satisfaction.

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