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Client Love

Bridgette PourDoe Is a skilled and powerful healer who is passionate about her craft. Her work spans an integration & array of energetic and spiritual healing modalities. She is creative, versatile, attuned, and truly one of a kind in her offerings, tailoring the session to the needs of every individual client. Booking a session with her is in investment in yourself, your growth, and your joy. Do not hesitate to meet her. 


I've been in several of Bridgette's breathwork sessions

and they have all been so AWESOME.  It's like you exit

the stresses of society and enter a caring, patient,

and optimistic portal of healing and renewal!  She makes the

sessions enjoyable, while we're focusing on our repetitive breathing,

to the point that at the end it's like we exhaled all our problems and

negativity and are ready to take on anything with abundant strength

and energy.  I can't recommend her sessions enough!  Book with her ASAP!

Matt P.

I fell in love with Bridgette at first sight and the more I get to know her the more I am amazed with her talents, skills and wisdom!!! Her vast range of accomplishments and in depth knowledge of tantra, BDSM, breath, sacred ceremonies and practices, as well as concepts I didn’t even know about are so fascinating!  She makes this world a better place in so many ways!!! I love and enjoy learning from her and experiencing her magic!!!!


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