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Reiki and ASMR Healing

Balance chakras and improve energy flow with peace and calmness also integrating sound and crystals

  • 1 h 30 min
  • From 100 US dollars
  • San Diego, CA

Service Description

1. Stress Reduction: - Reiki and sound healing helps to lower stress levels by inducing a state of deep relaxation. The vibrations and frequencies can calm the mind and reduce anxiety. 2. Improved Sleep: - Many clients report better sleep quality after healing sessions. The soothing sounds can help in achieving a more restful and uninterrupted sleep. 3. Enhanced Focus and Clarity: - God's energy healing can improve mental clarity and focus by balancing the brain's hemispheres and promoting a state of alert relaxation. 4. Emotional Release: - The vibrations and frequencies used in Reiki and ASMR can help release emotional blockages, allowing for the expression and release of pent-up emotions. 5. Pain Relief: - Certain frequencies used in Reiki and sound healing can help reduce physical pain, making it a complementary practice for those suffering from chronic pain conditions. 6. Chakra Balancing: - Reiki healing can help align and balance the body's chakras, leading to improved energy flow and overall well-being. 7. Enhanced Meditation: - The use of reiki can deepen meditation practices, helping individuals to enter meditative states more easily and stay in them longer. 8. Boosted Immune System: - Some studies suggest that reiki, crystals and sound healing can enhance the immune system by reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Services are available at my temple in San Diego, I may travel to you in SoCal and also available online.

Cancellation Policy

**Energy Healing Consent Form** I hereby consent to receiving energy healing services from Bridgette. I understand that energy healing is a holistic practice that aims to balance and restore energy flow in the body, mind, and spirit. I acknowledge that energy healing is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. I understand that the energy healing session may involve gentle touch, visualization, and other non-invasive techniques to promote relaxation and well-being. I understand that the energy healing session may bring up emotions or memories, and I agree to take responsibility for my own emotional well-being during and after the session. I understand that the energy healer is not a licensed medical professional and is not qualified to provide medical advice or treatment. I agree to consult with a qualified healthcare provider for any medical concerns or conditions. I understand that the energy healer will maintain confidentiality regarding our sessions and will not disclose any personal information without my consent. I understand that the energy healer may recommend additional holistic practices or self-care techniques to support my well-being, and I agree to consider these recommendations at my own discretion. I hereby release the energy healer from any liability for any potential risks or consequences that may arise from the energy healing session. I hereby acknowledge this session will not be recorded and I am at least 18 years old. I hereby acknowledge deposits are non-refundable, and if sessions are rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance, the amount paid will be transferrable to the next session. If cancelled 48 hours within the scheduled session, the amount paid is non-refundable. I have read and understood the terms of this consent form, and I voluntarily consent to receiving energy healing services from Bridgette.

Contact Details


San Diego, CA

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